Why I admire the President of the United States of America

16 February 2019
Why I admire the President of the United States of America © Shutterstock


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Added 01:49 February 16 2019
I have been reading your thoughts on several occasions. I haven't commented on any of your earlier posts but today I want to state that a man is recognized by his courage and ability to speak his mind. This is a valuable asset that not many have. I agree with you that many have misjudged Trump but he has proved to be a powerful man and as such has allowed the US to remain strong and in control and respected by other nations. What else can the Americans hope to achieve? I just wished that we Arabs had a leader who had the power to make the Arab world "great again" and respected by other nations and not taken advantage of as per the present situation. In the end, power comes from being an excellent orator and by being able to convince the masses. It sometimes takes no more than a single speech to change the world noting that change is the only constant. This having been said, I believe that the days ahead shall be full of interesting surprises. A new world order is about to see the light...
Momtaz Alsolh , SAUDI ARABIA