The US media’s obsession with Donald Trump

11 July 2020
The US media’s obsession with Donald Trump © Shutterstock


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Added 05:31 August 13 2021
First of all the American press is like the American Government boring and redundant.No one really cares about the substance which often is definitely not news worthy at all except selling advertisement to any cost to public what is largely totally uneducated and mentally slightly constipated from too much lies and fake news by there favorite news media . Totally commercialized of the news media has turned Americas believe system upside down.Every major news Chanel has his favorite political party featuring they point of view in such away voting becomes only a sad byproduct and not like it should be the main event were Citizens Freely voice they opinion and become the pillar of the democratic process to elect the right leadership to govern this Country in peace and harmony.Bernd Mueller USA
Bernd Mueller , UNITED STATES