Trump’s greatest betrayal has dire consequences

07 December 2017
Trump’s greatest betrayal has dire consequences @AP Images


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Added 08:24 December 07 2017
Your comments are a bit extreme. The recognition of Jerusalem and placing of an embassy in West Jerusalem does not preclude a Palestinian state or control of East Jerusalem. The status quo has not gotten anyone anywhere. Trumps actions along with the willingness and urging of Arab leaders in the region will force progress in the future. It’s time for a different track. All Arab leaders know this and everyone can surmise it by the completely different rhetoric we are witnessing on the matter from all corners.

Added 08:24 December 07 2017
Well said Mr. Al Habtoor. I remember the time when Ronald Keagan become president. He was also directed by his Financial Supporters. Best example to watch is a documentary called 'Capitalism a love story' by Micheal Moore. Now, Trump is directed by sheldon adelson who is close friend of netenyahu and Financial Supporter of Trump Campaign.
Safa Ekincioglu , United Arab Emirates