Al Habtoor Group 35th Anniversary Gala Dinner

01 July 2006
© Al Habtoor Group

In the name of Allah the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful: “It was better for you to say when you entered your garden, ‘That which Allah wills. There is no power but with Allah”.

Honoured guests and dear friends…Welcome to my celebration. Welcome to the celebration of 35 years of hard work. Welcome to the celebration of my dream come true.

Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, who says in his glorious book: “And proclaim the grace of your Lord”
I am honoured and blessed in so many ways that I cannot adequately begin to thank God and all those who have helped along the way. But this evening is a small expression of how I feel and I want to share that feeling with you.

I, with my directors and management would like to share with you all our pride in our achievements over the years and also my vision of the future.

We would certainly not have had such success without all of you here; without all of the different nationalities, without all the varied skills, both existing here in my country and bought in from outside. This is one of the critical differences that set us apart from other countries. Everyone comes together to work for the success and achievement of our country.

We at Al Habtoor Group are a major contributor to this success. On this 35th anniversary, our Coral anniversary, I would like to highlight the growth of our group in the last few decades.

By any financial indicators, this group of companies has done extraordinarily well and this is an achievement of which we should all be proud.

It makes me think of the early days, when my brother Riad Sadik and I started work in the early 1970’s. It was just he and I and a few clerks and a foreman … maybe no more than 10 of us.

And now here we are celebrating the difference we have made over these past 35 years. Some of those people who started out with us are still here in top positions with our company.

Today our Group employs over 25,000 people. Now that’s what I call responsibility. On the one hand it makes me so happy and on the other it makes me worried that I have to take care of all these people by creating ongoing work.

It’s my job. Of course but for the grace of God and every single one of these people, I would not be here today.

I don’t mean to highlight just the efforts of the management either. We are, all of us, partners in profitability.

But the risks, the losses, those responsibilities are mine and mine alone. That is why I’m the Chairman of the Group, because I’m willing and able to take that responsibility.

I don’t want to continue speaking … maybe because I’m not such a good speaker.

My vision and my directors’ visions are the same … there is no limit to how long we can continue to improve, to grow and to be profitable … the sky’s the limit.

My plan for future years is to reinforce our management and the overall quality of the people, and the training and development of our senior management.

Our decision is that success and continuous growth are the only targets - parallel to that of my country, which I’m so proud of: the United Arab Emirates and its leadership with which God blessed us.

Thank you very much everybody. Enjoy your dinner and please feel at home

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