Khalaf Al Habtoor to the US media about labelling of terrorists as radical Muslims

20 May 2016
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Video message from Khalaf Al Habtoor to the US media on their labelling of terrorists as radical Muslims

The world we live in plagued with crimes against humanity that cannot be grasped or forgiven. The media, all around the world, plays a strong role in affecting people’s minds and sentiments.

That is why it is important that they practice responsible journalism. And rather than ignite hate using fear of the unknown, the media must educate and enlighten those who do not know.

While I was watching this morning Hannity on Fox News Channel, I was surprised by Sean Hannity’s criticism of people who do not accept to refer to terrorists as radical Muslims. I expected more from Mr Hannity, and from the American TV network.

There is nothing called Radical Islam! I absolutely refuse this appellation. It is our responsibility to teach people how to differentiate between Muslims and Radicals.

This is not stopping with TV shows, it also extends to Presidential hopeful, the Republican presumptive nominee Donald Trump. His statements are igniting hate towards all Muslims, without differentiation.

I would like to recite few specific details to explain why it is wrong to label terrorists as radical Muslim, even when they claim that Islam is their religion and twist its facts as a cover.

  1. In 2015, the United States of America witnessed 372 shootings, killing 475 and wounding 1,870 other. The majority of these shootings were conducted by non-Muslims.
  2. In June 2015, a mass shooting took place in a church in downtown Charleston, South Carolina by Dylan Roof a 21 year old. Is Dylan Roof being labelled in the media as radical Christian?
  3. On May 2015, there as a Mass Shooting in Waco, Texas by a biker gang. Where they radical Christians?
  4. The infamous Spanish Inquisition, conducted by the Catholic Monarchs against those who converted to Judaism and Islam in the 15th and 16th century, was it not a form of terrorism? Is being it taught in schools as radical Christianity?
  5. And, how about the Srebrenica Massacre – the genocidal killing of 500,000 Muslim Bosniaks by the Serbs in 1995? In the same genocide, 20,000 Serbian women were raped. This took place 2 decades ago. Do we refer to the Serbs as radical Christian?

I am not defending killers who happen to be Muslims. I condemn all killing. But those people are not Muslims or Christians or Jews. They are simply terrorists, disowned by every religion in the world. Islam is a religion of peace.

Furthermore, when shows like Hannity invite guests to speak about Islam, they choose weak characters who are not given the chance to voice their views. For the sake of honesty and objectivity, stop inviting weak guests to your shows to speak on Islam! Allow words of honesty and fairness on your shows.

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