Al Habtoor anticipates a bright economic future while analysts are apprehensive of an economic meltdown

Published: 29 November 2018
Al Habtoor anticipates a bright economic future while analysts are apprehensive of an economic meltdown

#Khalaf_Ahmad_Al_Habtoor: “World economies are stronger than previous years and will continue to grow from 2019 onwards.”

#Khalaf_Ahmad_Al_Habtoor, Founding Chairman of #Al_Habtoor_Group, one of the largest privately-owned business conglomerates in the region, shared his outlook on the 2019 global economy. “Despite news headlines showing the world in turbulence, 2018 was the start of the recovery, which will continue climbing thru 2019, and 2020 onwards,” he said. Adding that “scare tactics and drama are more appealing on television, but figures give a more positive and realistic outlook.”

“We have been operating in the market for more than 48 years, we invest successfully in the #Middle_East, #Europe and #USA. As investors, we look for signs, and they are there.”

Speaking on the #Middle_East and GCC region, Al Habtoor expressed his confidence in the economic situation saying: “Prior to 2008, business was easier, and everyone’s trust was shaken. But the world has recovered stronger than ever, and we are seeing steady positive growth, which will extend to 2019, 2020 and beyond. The GCC provides a safe and welcoming environment for investments, healthcare and education being some of the more promising sectors in the UAE in particular.

“Trillions of US Dollar investments were recently announced at and around the Saudi Investment Conference which took place last month. Those will create massive economic growth in #Saudi_Arabia, its neighbouring countries and the world. Millions of news jobs will be created. That is in addition to Neom, the new Red Sea Project in #Saudi_Arabia, the massive developments taking place in the UAE ahead of #Expo_2020, and across the GCC and Egypt.

“All of these projects will create an economic boost and massive opportunities for years to come. The multiplier effect will result in a gain 20 to 30 times of the initial investment.

“I have always believed that the United States’ economy reflects on all the world. This time it is a positive light. Based on a #Bloomberg Businessweek report, the world’s largest economy’s annualized growth rates in the two middle quarters of 2018 were 4.2 per cent and 3.5 per cent. In October alone, the economy generated 250,000 jobs.

#Bloomberg Economics is projecting GDP growth of 6.4 per cent in China’s outlook for 2019. In addition, growth in Japan has been strong in recent years, despite a lack of labour force growth. GDP grew at an annual rate of 3 per cent in the second quarter. Moody's forecasted the Indian economy to grow around 7.5% in 2018 and 2019. This covers four of the world’s largest economies with more than half of the world’s population. And according to the IMF, the global economy is following suit, being ‘on track to grow a healthy 3.7 per cent in 2018 and forecasting 3.7 per cent again in 2019’.”

Al Habtoor concluded: “For the past five decades at least, we have witnessed ups and downs globally. This a cycle, the downtime has passed, it is now time to start on the upward trajectory. And as a diversified group, we are moving forward confidently, with new projects in the pipeline which will be announced soon.”

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