Minds distorted by neo-liberal values

11 October 2017
Minds distorted by neo-liberal values @ AP Images


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Added 07:15 November 06 2017
I am an American Koolaide Kid, born of Americani, raised of Americani, and all its liberal social abnormalities, dysfunctions, carnival filled hedonistic and often over the top processed cultural norms. I can not change that, however, I am a lover of my human process, and the freedoms that my country has afforded me. In this freedom, which I had been brainwashed to believe was not free, I have also found a deep enslavement, and have had to work very hard to keep myself free and to break free from the confines of a society bought and sold to the highest bidders, in the chain of command for the sake of supply and demand. I am a Woman living in a Man's world. But Allah loves me and I have been reborn through the sky from him, I don't belong in this world, but its ok, because you and your all male society will continue to marginalize me and all my abilities and efforts to pioneer and bring forth the Teleportation of metals to revolutionize the mining industry. Simply because its a mans realm, and I am a believer in live and let live, with respect to that, I keep it moving, keep it real and you and your group are still sleeping on me, and continue to ignore my requests to present this proposal to the Habtoor Group, so pontificate as you will. Allah gave us free will, to make all the human errors that will deliver us from the trials and tribulations of our own humanly realms. This is a mans world. Thank You and God Bless you anyway
KJ Sky Evans , United States