White House vs the Media: No winners!

01 March 2017
White House vs the Media: No winners! © AP Images


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Added 08:18 March 01 2017
Kindly permit a respectful disagreement with your perspective as delivered in this essay. The mainstream press in the United States is not the free press you accept as a given. It is totally the vehicle of far left interests totally subservient to the agendas of Soros and others. This was the agency that delivered a very unqualified radical, anti-American, and blatantly racist Obama to the White House. The same moneyed interests literally owned Hillary Clinton and dictated her agenda. This was an agenda programmed to diminish America and with her the Western alliances. They advanced what was described as a new world order. They never counted on being challenged so forcefully, courageously and so effectively by one as distant from the political arena as Donald Trump. He was totally unforgiving in his confrontation with them. I dare say that Trump did win and through him we have all won.
Arnold Holtzman , Israel