Trump’s policies ignite fear and loathing

27 January 2017
Trump’s policies ignite fear and loathing © Shutterstock


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Added 02:29 February 11 2017
The thrust of this essay is very unfortunate. You have it underlined at the very start in the line "...this showman's greatest performance in the hope that the world as we know it survives intact." The world as we had once known it no longer exists. The rise of far Right elements in the EU is less the emulation of Trump (as you would have it) than the rise of ISIS, the aggressiveness of Iran. the carnage in Syria, not to mention the millions of refugees flooding Europe. You castigate Trump and his agenda without a word about the alternative utterly selfish and criminal regime that Hillary Clinton would have delivered - along with her most dangerous physical confrontation with Russia. Trump's references to Iraqi oil came originally in the wake of ISIS capture of Iraqi oil and filling its coffers with its sale. Why cherry-pick his words? There is much more in your lines with which I find fault, but at least your reference to Obama was spot on. I appreciate finding myself on your mailing list.
Arnold Holtzman , Israel