Disunity: A grave threat to the Arab World

12 October 2016
Disunity: A grave threat to the Arab World © Shutterstock


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Added 09:18 October 30 2016
All of the Arab states watched and aided the west when they invaded Iraq and hanged its leader. GCC only help other Arabs when they know they are in danger. These governments did not fall from the sky, they came and are from the people. Let Iran invade them and see how much their so called friends and oil assists them
mustafa , United Kingdom

Added 10:34 October 16 2016
Very true and profound statement, the trouble is Brother dont trust Brother ,let alone countries unite. When America sold Billions of Dollars of military hardware to UAE and Saudi Arabia , soon after it supplied Israel with military hardware, the difference being Israel got new and Arabs got older models, If the Arab nations were united they would be incredible strength on commerce and trade. Chain is only strong, only if all the links are ,break one link and you broken the chain
Amet Dacincci , United Arab Emirates