Syria is bleeding. Where are the Arabs?

01 May 2016
Syria is bleeding. Where are the Arabs? © APimages


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Added 10:15 May 09 2016
Mr. Khalf Al Habtour has diagnosed the plague Syria and Arab Syrians are suffering, but the right treatment is held in the custody of the superpowers. Unfortunately no solution is possible when Arab Leage is divided, I believe when Arab Leaders speak one voice and share one vision then the Americans and the Russians will listen to them. Hope Arab states take little contribution to help Syrian talents to temporarily relocate rather than treating them like a burden. I urge Mr. Khalf to lobby within GCC business community and encourage private sector to hire Syrian talents who are qualified to do jobs that are given to nationalities that have no tragedies back home . I guess such initiative may assist at least some Syrians that are lost in this world of no mercy and no considerations. God bless the Emirates