Evil mass murderers are not Muslims, Mr Trump

24 March 2016
Evil mass murderers are not Muslims, Mr Trump © Shutterstock


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Added 07:22 June 04 2016
Very powerful article, I truly believe that this article should be send as an open letter to all those major News station in Europe and America. That constantly infuse people with hate toward the Muslims community. Now more than ever we need to see this type of articles circulating in the web because the media (tv) refuse to show us that Islam is a religion of peace.(let me mention that i am not Muslin, but for some reason I like everything about the religion). Great, great, great article, very clear and concise. May Allah continue to bless all the Muslim of the world, regardless of belief we all brothers and sisters. Mister Trump since to forgot that he does not have the right to speak on behalf of a nation. I am a Hispanic American and mister Trump's does not represent me neither the nation i live in......God bless.
Claudia Peralta , United States

Added 11:50 March 26 2016
Definitely the words of Mr. Khalaf Al Habtoor are true and the American politician Mr. Trump racing for presidential election should act wisely for the betterment of the world and be positive to fight against terrorism. We are also against terrorism, Islam doesn't say to kill innocent people. Really I personally appreciate Arab countries who gathered so many Muslim countries together to fight against Terrorism.
Baig Hamid Mirza , India