Obama’s historical mistake has dire repercussions

19 January 2016
Obama’s historical mistake has dire repercussions © AP Images


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Added 07:32 January 22 2016
"They have all been oppressed socially, economically and politically since 1979 when the Ayatollah #Khomeini turned up to send the country back to the Middle Ages. Despite its wealth, 55 per cent of urban Iranians live under the poverty line. People there live in fear in a country where women are stoned, men hung from cranes in public places and even poets and songwriters are jailed and lashed." 1. Stoning and lashing is also enforced in the UAE 2. Stoning and lashing are mandatory Islamic punishments for certain crimes. Is the author aware of this?

Added 01:09 January 20 2016
I do share the same concern, it's more obvious, Day to day the US interest and the way forward it God in the region, still my farther concerns is the countermeasures GCC has to prepare for. I believe we are slow for the worst scenarios. It was good to read ,..thanks