Ignore Trump’s bigotry at your peril!

13 December 2015
Ignore Trump’s bigotry at your peril! © Shutterstock


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Added 06:19 December 21 2015
Great post! Except… …we don't need a business man as president or vice president. In fact medium to large businesses do in general very good in the US today. The overall economy is strong (GDP growth of 2-3%) and unemployment low. At this point Obama has added equally as many jobs as Clinton did at this point during his presidency. The problem is that people are not seeing the benefits that medium to large businesses are seeing, salaries are going down instead of up, and people have to work more hours to be able to feed their families. Giving a boost in businesses doesn’t necessarily mean a boost in people’s wallets.
Arne Bergman , United States

Added 03:51 December 14 2015
Good article. It is indeed interesting to know that though we may be of completely different ethinic/geo backgrounds, as Muslims we have similar sentiments. I couldn't agree with you more on the Muslim Countries ban on Trump. He has indeed deserved it. I will not go into speculative theories (even though they are fact) but isn't the unplanned and ill executed military withdrawal of US from Iraq the sole facilitator for the creation of Daesh?
Yawar Yousuf , United Arab Emirates