Trump has ripped off his mask

25 November 2015
Trump has ripped off his mask © APimages


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Added 04:53 November 28 2015
"Conservative moment was thought of as one that holds to universal principles in which racism, discrimination and the stereotyping of whole communities play no part" With all dues respect, but European pilgrims founded 'America' on these very principles. And as for Mrs Hillary "We Came, We Saw, He Died" Clinton, same stage production, different background setting. Humanity is in dire need of real acts of courage, from those courageous enough, to have foresight enough, to wish to harvest the very best out of All of humanity.
Theo G , United Arab Emirates

Added 10:33 November 27 2015
Well said sir. I wish that yourself and other likeminded social, political and business leaders from the Middle East would set up a counter balance to those who fund the spread of misinformation and outright lies about Arabs and Muslims. Like it or not, there are strongly vested interests that benefit from the narrative of a clash of civilizations. Buy newspapers, TV channels or a few politicians like the other side does so well for so little and redress this egregious imbalance which harms our region so much.