Their pain is our shame

07 September 2015
Their pain is our shame © APimages


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Added 02:00 October 08 2015
Respected and Dear Sir, First of all I appreciate your insights in this column pertinent to the suffering of our Syrian brothers and sisters, the visuals shown in the media are really horrible and shocking. After watching the plight of the refugees in Europe I feel so helpless that my heart goes out for them and during each SALAATH I humbly beg the almighty ALLAH to put an end to this crisis and reveal the best of HIS MERCIES on them. Syria has literally become a play ground for world’s super powers victimizing the innocent Syrians. As you said in your article that something has to be done for these less fortunate Muslim Brothers and Sisters, really this is the right time to extend a helping hand to them and build their confidence lest the future generations do not have dark memoirs to nurture with. Hats off to your views and I salute your humble thoughts Sir.
Mohammed Abdul Muqtadir , United Arab Emirates

Added 11:33 September 13 2015
A great thoughtfulness can only be stated like this... Hence it is rightly done by a good leader in nice way as a awakening message. May Allah Keep Us Guided... Aameen!!!
Habib Ahmed , Pakistan