Lebanese Shiites could save the day

29 May 2015
Lebanese Shiites could save the day © Shutterstock


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Added 10:13 May 29 2015
Once more, you hit the nail on the head! If #Hezbollah is the "resistance", who and what is it resisting? It's not resisting Israel as Israel is no longer occupying Lebanon, it never resisted the Syrian occupation, or Iranian dominance! The only thing that Hezbollah is resisting is peace! They are resisting civility and the real meaning of patriotism! They will sell Lebanon and its people in a heartbeat if ayatollah asks so. The other traitor is Michel Aoun. Many people believed in him, followed him and fought for him (including me) in the late 80s when he wanted to "liberate" Lebanon from the Syrian occupation! Now he's nothing but a lapdog for the Syrian regime and Hezbollah! He will sell his own mother for the presidential seat! With so-called leaders" like himself, Nasrallah, Berri and many others, how can a country survive?? Only one way: people should wake up from the spell cast upon them by these charlatans and realise that they've been blessed by one of the most beautiful countries in the world, with amazing history and culture. People need to realise that those criminals are throwing the country away for their own personal interests! They need to cast hem aside or throw them in jail (just like these war criminals and their Syrian bosses threw thousands of innocent people in jail), and if he jail are full, well, there is always the quarantina dump! These criminals don't deserve better! It's time for the young generation to man up and rise against these tyrants and take the county back!
RTT , United States