Lebanon should restore presidential power

27 May 2015
Lebanon should restore presidential power ©AP Images


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Added 09:10 May 27 2015
Mr. Habtoor, thank you for being the sound of reason for a country that sometimes lacks reason, despite the sophistication of its people. I wish Lebanese politicians have the vision and integrity that you have. I wish they loved their country the way you love it, even though you're not lebanese. Taif accord stripped the country from any decision makers. Everything has to be a consensus, and as you know, you cannot even run a business by always seeking a consensus, let alone a country. Unfortunately, most politicians work for other countries' interests. Those that really care about the country end up being assassinated. There is a need for fresh blood, young blood from a non-political and non-influential family. Someone that dates to call things as they are and make the necessary changes to bring some decency back to this beloved country. Time for a revolution of some sort! Time to regain what we lost due to the stupidity and greed of the so-called "leaders". Again, thank you for all you did and continue doing for Lebanon!