Obama’s flirtation with Iran raises suspicions

04 April 2015
Obama’s flirtation with Iran raises suspicions ©AP Images


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Added 01:38 April 05 2015
While I admire Mr Al Habtoor massively and applaud his vision and views on matters, I wonder if perhaps holding out an olive branch to the Iranians via the GCC would actually be a bad idea? Don't get me wrong, I disagree with 90% of the US foreign policy, predominantly its unabated defence of Israeli atrocities and so called "right to defend" itself. And as much as i dislike Obama and his broken promises, an Iran on a leash may be better for all in the region than a growling Iran ready to bite. For the record, though my name May suggest it, I am in no way linked to Iran or hold any liking for the state. I'm a peace loving Sunni Muslim brought up in Scotland and moved to Dubai almost 1 year Ago to the day in order to live in a Muslim environment.
mahomed shiraz , United Arab Emirates