A salute to our heroes liberating Yemen

26 March 2015
A salute to our heroes liberating Yemen © Al


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Added 10:47 March 28 2015
When Sunni's are killing alawite, shia in Syria, Iraq. Most of the religous Sunni's are quite. The only thing what is coming from your people is hate. Your story about Iran can be right, however dont expect us (me as a alawite) to be rational.
Hassan , Turkey

Added 09:03 March 27 2015
They say,"Times are a changing ... " & in order to survive and survive with dignity, decisions need be taken. Your message, clearly worded & unambiguous, defines and pays tribute to those who need to take these decisions... This play of veiled hegemony must come to an end; this charade must be called and drawn. All positive minds, irrespective of nationality, colour or creed, need to stand firm and united. Now that the decision has been taken, it should be carried through to a logical conclusion, lest, these negative endeavours be repeated in the future. I firmly believe, that the current ongoings, are a litmus test for designs that are far more treacherous. The response must be conclusive and determined enough to thwart any future demeanour by those whose one & only desire is to fractionalize and fragmentise our Religion. Stand Brave Brothers and God speed to all those confront the deterrers .. may HE protect you all from harm and injury.
Shakil Sadiq , Pakistan