Follow God’s Constitution to Lead a More Disciplined, Productive and Successful Life

Published: 25 March 2015
Follow God’s Constitution to Lead a More Disciplined, Productive and Successful Life
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I have been asked many times what makes a person successful. It is simple: to follow God’s Constitution. This makes a person disciplined, committed, and highly productive, and I urge others to follow the simple set of rules that are set out in the Holy Book. If you do this, you will succeed.

I looked to the West to see what made it so powerful and I determined that the West was following the Constitution of God; waking up early, working hard, with #discipline and integrity. I realised that by following the rules of God, the West was much more productive than the #Arab_World.

I see too much laziness in some parts of our world. If we follow God’s Constitution, then we will be far more productive, and we will be able to better compete on the world stage. If we follow the rules set out in the Holy Book then we will win.

Time is the most important thing in life. You must split your time up between work, sport and relaxation. Unfortunately in some parts of the #Arab_World there isn’t a balance and nothing is implemented in accordance to be healthy and productive.

More often than not people happily bank their salaries, yet they are not producing what they are capable of. They are operating at 10-15 per cent of what they should, while others in the West are producing 100 per cent or more.

The secret to success is #discipline. Follow a clear plan that is available to everyone. They are not my rules, they are simples rules laid down by God.

God gave us the day to work and the night to relax and spend time with the family. Start the day early, have breakfast early, and work hard with integrity. Allow time every day to exercise, to stay fit and healthy. You cannot produce if you are not healthy in body and mind. After work, spend time with your family and friends, eat early and go to bed early. These are the rules I follow without fail. If you do this, you will see the difference in your productivity and energy levels. You will not only produce 100 per cent, but more.

God teaches us to be disciplined. He gave us five daily prayers. We must perform these each day in a timely manner. This is our obligation. There is no compromise, apart from for the sick and travelling. It also shows the importance of time keeping.

We must pass on these values on to our children, and lead by example. We must raise the bar and inspire others to follow our lead.

I have provided some examples from the #Holy_Koran and the Hadith from the #Prophet_Mohammed (PBUH).

This is based on research conducted by Sheikh Fares Al Mustafa, Imam and Preacher at the #Al_Farooq Omar Bin Al Khattab #Mosque and Centre.

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Added 09:28 March 27 2015
It is sad to see that all that was ordained for the believers in the Book, has been conveniently marginalised by them; whilst those who choose to stay away from absolute submission to the One & Only, not only accepted the stated but have proceeded to artfully develop their life cycles and practices on Allah (s.w.t's) Constitution. This leads one to a very factual but hurting self experience. I've seen and noticed, that every time our creed inhabits an existence in the western world, we fully and unconditionally tend to follow the righteous regime. It is when we return to our domicile, that we tend to undertake a complete reversal of our habits and priorities. Why ?? Instead of cultivating positive changes we tend to slip back and forego all the positivities that we followed, ordained in the Constitution. Is it from the overbearing environment that exists back in our societies ? The Book very clearly orders a life style based upon discipline & order. The Salat is a clear example for those who wish to notice; the conversion of day to night and back to day, is a clear example of orbitary mannerism.... if only we could notice and appreciate the discipline of Nature.
shakil sadiq , Pakistan