Iran’s agenda consolidates while the Arabs are distracted

25 September 2014
Iran’s agenda consolidates while the Arabs are distracted © AP Images


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Added 07:38 October 02 2014
Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatu: Dear my brother in Islam Sheikh Ahmad Habtor, I definitely believed in your article that Iran Shi'a agenda is to dominate the Muslim World. The hatred planted on thier hearts towards Sunni Muslim is clear and danger. I'd rather prefer to be govern by the So called Terrorist Isis rather than in the hand of Shi'a In Islamic movement. Their main objective is to eliminate our Ahlul Sunnah belief way back before the coming of Spaniards 1521. Islam introduced in Philippines by the Shariffs came from Yemen and our forefathers have a very strong faith of Islam. Now a days, Shia Rafidah and 12vers are moving rapidly in our places they are now almost 20 thousand in numbers and its alarming because 10 to 20 years from now we will be like Iraq or Syria. I am asking your kind self to advice and help us in eliminating this monster movement. The Sunni Arabs Diplomats here in Philippines have no any plans to counter these cancer. Please help us before its too late. Even our Ulama are very soft in tackling these issues. I'd rather prefer not to publish this letter, but please help us. Contact me in my email or my mobile number 0063 918 2002 555.