Putin’s leadership qualities outshine Obama’s

01 September 2014
Putin’s leadership qualities outshine Obama’s © AP Images


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Added 02:26 December 13 2015
Excellent analysis and congratulations! Only great leaders and truly intelligent people who can with cold blood assess facts can admit what you wrote. It is very sad that the Society, any Society, prefers these days stupidity, superficial "look" and is afraid to dig deeper to see what person really has to say and can this person really represent nation am part of and do something. I may not agree with Putin, I may not like him for various thing he does, but I admire him and consider him as one of the best leader and politician of 21st century. He is consistent, he is intelligent, has a vision and knows what he wants and as you say his word has a value, which is rarer and rarer these days. People just use words w/o any responsibility for what they say. We all have the right to disagree, but this is why we are considered intelligent, as only intelligent person admits intelligence of the other even if one disagree.
Anna Lipowska , Switzerland

Added 09:34 March 27 2015
you've well described this incompetent leader of empty promises.i like your analysis too
geoffrey karangwa , Kuwait