Why are we spectators as terrorists threaten our homes?

03 July 2014
Why are we spectators as terrorists threaten our homes? © AP Images


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Added 06:59 July 12 2014
A very good article Sir. Very good insights and I hope more people read this article and draw inspiration from this to do what is right for them and their future.
Aakash Kulkarni , Singapore

Added 10:29 July 06 2014
This s absolutely a very well observation of the current situation. ISIS according to me is a politically bred communal assassination group by the western world to create mischief in gulf region to make it unstable for political gains and keep the general USA public mind elsewhere from the failed governance and debt problem in USA. It is high time that all of the Muslim worlds should unite and look pass our differences and respect our similarities in order to face such difficulties. I feel terrible that all of this is happening to the innocent Iraqis in the holy month of Ramazan Hope almighty puts these terrorists to their rightly place that is hell.
Ali Abidi , India