America! Don't dim your inspirational light

16 July 2013
America! Don't dim your inspirational light © AP Images


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Added 01:50 November 03 2016
Mr. Khalaf . Good morning . I read with a great interest ur comments and I agree with most of it . I myself have spent many years in the state or working with US companies before having UAE a home. By time I found out that there are two types of Americans. The ones who never went out of the US borders or even left his town all his/ her life or even have a passport . The other type is the one who traveled, and worked for / in the Middle East especially in the GCC . While I sympathy with the first type for the rise of anti- Americans because of the media and the image of conservative Muslims militants they watch through TV and its scars me and I am a Muslim too so, I don’t blame them. The second type, I don’t see them doing or saying enough to defend the truth and realty of life here. Yes, some people from the GCC hold conservatives ideas but, they are neither the majority nor represent the GCC goverments or the life style we are living in most of the GCC. I get surprised these days when I get together with my dear US friends and I find them supporters to the US candidate Trump because they think he will make the world a better place or because of the color or gender . I think the US policy has its agenda regardless who will be the next president. There is no perfection at any foreign policy. We should have such fantasies and instead I believe the change starts from us. I will put more of that on my next column soon. Thank you again for ur enlighten writings. Thank you, Muna alfuzai Columnist Kuwait times.
Muna Alfuzai , Kuwait

Added 04:35 March 01 2015
Well said, yet again Mr Khalaf. When this man writes so much common sense so often, and he is well known and regarded in the UAE, US and UK. Why are more people in positions of real power not choosing to act? Sadly I think he is right, too many others have hidden agendas that mean they are happy to continue just as they are. The US has long been known to use its sway both overtly and covertly when it suits their purpose. Therein lies the 64000$ question- just WHAT is the US purpose?