Sheikh Mohammed holds fast to his father’s legacy

10 November 2012
Sheikh Mohammed holds fast to his father’s legacy HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum ©AlHabtoorGroup


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Added 12:25 May 10 2014
Masha Allah... I went through few of your articles and had a great image on your personality and the ability in literature to draw your views and knowledge in such a simple way... You are one of the greatest leaders and business man in the universe indeed, a good follower of our Prophet... Hats off with full respect. La hawla wala quwwata Illa Billah.... I'm Abdul Malik, Indian, working in UAE since 1993. Currently searching for an opportunity to work, so as to support my nears and dears especially my old father and 3 daughters.

Added 03:30 September 07 2013
Dear Sir, i am chiru from bharain i have completed in UAE 7 years.present working in bharain.i saw your profile your really great sir.can i talk with yours once if yours free.