GCC must react to the Pentagon’s ‘Total war on Islam’

04 June 2012
GCC must react to the Pentagon’s ‘Total war on Islam’ © Shutterstock


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Added 07:25 January 31 2013
Khalaf, I too am interested in bringing the people of the MENA region, Indonesia, Malaysia, and other Muslim countries together with the people of the United States. We as people with different backgrounds need to find common interests that we can explore seeking to understand what makes each of us brothers and sisters, rather than enemies on occasion that may turn into radicals without a willingness to heal. I was raised as the oldest son of a career U.S. Army Officer who was an Airborne Ranger. I am 48 years old and to this day, I don't truly know what my father's political affiliation might be. In my early childhood I heard negative things about the Viet Cong not really understanding how much they hated the United States efforts to keep the communists out of South Vietnam. It wasn't really the Vietnamese that the U.S. citizens didn't like it was the communists with money and funding from China that was a threat to the U.S. When my father decided to retire he and my mother had their eldest daughter in college, and their two sons starting college in one year and two years respectively. After not being able to find a suitable professional position in the United States through he did do a fair amount of interviewing and was close to landing great positions, he just wasn't looking at the right place at the right time. He had an offer to work for a U.S. government contractor in Saudi Arabia setting up " Officer Advanced Courses " and other training programs for the Saudi Arabian National Guard and the Prince's Royal Army. He was being paid to train and there was an obvious need for the training, he did not like the environment or the restrictions placed upon him and my mother and youngest sister lived in Saudi Arabia for a year before returning to the states. My point is this, my father had an appreciation for the culture and the people of the Middle East, but he much prefers the heat of Georgia to Saudi Arabia. In this world we need to work diligently on mending fences and understanding our brothers and neighbors rather than trying to hurt one another or take advantage of each other. It is through understanding that we can learn once again to value one another irrespective of our differences. May peace be with all of us...
Michael Casey , United States

Added 06:15 January 21 2013
I have read your whole blog. I hope it gets the attention of media what you have mention is 100% right, i wont make my comment big and lengthy but you are only focusing GCC and Arab countries there are many muslim country which are dealing with America cold war for example "pakistan,burma and the list goes on' not only GCC but all Muslim countries should unite and stand for each other after we all worship one and only ALLAH ! .. its easy to break on stick but hard to break 40 sticks which are bundle under one thread
Haasin , United Arab Emirates