Why western societies are mishandling the pandemic?

02 February 2021
Why western societies are mishandling the pandemic? © Shutterstock


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Added 04:07 February 24 2021
THE UNDERLYING SOCIETAL UPHEAVAL CAUSED BY THE PANDEMIC is there to see. The long term changes that will take place are already starting to take shape. I believe that if the western countries had handled it well, it wouldn't be good for the world. Now, we can see the inefficiencies in bottom up control. I think, in emergency situations like this one, top down control is very important. However, the argument can be made that who will decide that this is an emergency situation? If it comes to that, then we must put it to a vote. But when it comes to a vote, are all the voters voting based on an emotional or rational response ? Are their opinions formed by taking into account the truth or lies? This is very important to assess every time a major decision that will change the future of a country's inhabitants. This can be seen very clearly with Brexit. So, I think that the government structures will be changed with the introduction of technology into the fray , and a decentralized aggregation of knowledge takes place with the truth coming out and not opinions and world views of greedy individuals