It's the Arabian Gulf and that's that

26 August 2009
It's the Arabian Gulf and that's that © istockphoto / Chad McDermott


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Added 11:31 January 31 2019
Dear Mr.Ahmed Khalaf Al Habtoor Its since 5 years that I did not get any reply from you concerning the name Persian Gulf. But I have a good news, the first and the only English book about the documents of the Persian Gulf s name that is my new book in this topic,few months ago is published and even the better news is that you can easily go to our website (English section) and download the PDF book by the name "TOPONYMY and the name Persian Gulf". By the way, the meaning of the word "TOPONYMY" that you probably don't know about it means: the study of geographical names. It will help you to find the truth. This is a scientific issue and you should not involve fanaticism. I suggest you to read the book and just once in your life act like civilized people let me know your opinion! Best Regards Seyed Abbas Mojtahedi 31 January 2019
S.A.Mojtahedi , IRAN

Added 10:18 January 30 2014
Dear Habtoor I read the comment ,any way its your opinion. honestly I think your problem is the lack of knowledge in this field. we say the name of the waterway between the Iranian plateau and the Arabian peninsula is "Persian Gulf" because all historical documents(maps ,notes, books ,etc....) says that and because the science of history and geography says that , its a scientific issue. in the same time also as an expert in this field we say the name of the river between the Iran and Iraq is Shatt-el-Arab, because historically the name is Shatt-el-Arab. I always stand against some people in Iran using the wrong name of Arvand for this because of these historical and geographical facts, UN as the highest legal source of the world use the correct names of the "Persian Gulf " and Shatt-el-Arab for these waterways. denying facts does not change facts my friends. documents are available at it will be my pleasure to hear from you. With Kind Regards S.A.Mojtahedi (researcher and senior adviser to the managing director of the Persian Gulf studies center) 30 January 2014
S.A.Mojtahedi , Iran (Islamic Republic Of)