Arab paralysis oils Iran’s regional domination

18 March 2015
Arab paralysis oils Iran’s regional domination © Shutterstock


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Added 04:49 March 24 2015
The biggest threat to Arab countries is religious extremism and terrorist groups likes ISIS, Al-Nusra front, Al-Qaeda etc. Iran may be the strategic enemy but the question is who is giving how and why has Iran been successful to influence its Shia Arab neighbors. Who created IS and Nursa front? Iranians are just using it as an opportunity to exert it influence. Rather than calling America to have boots on ground to fight ISIS, why cant Arab forces do it.

Added 08:40 March 19 2015
Someone has to put a stop to Islamic State. If the arab world sits back and watches it spread then we can hardly complain if Iran actually takes action.
Dr Rob Sindall , United Kingdom