An Open Letter to President Yasser Arafat

Published: 01 August 2004
An Open Letter to President Yasser Arafat
Yasser Arafat

#President #Yasser #Arafat,

I am sure that you have heard and read the recent declarations of the American #President George Bush during his last meeting with Sharon. He was very open and removed the mask completely as he announced his personal and his government's beliefs:

* ’No’ to the right of the Palestinian People to return to their lands

* ’No’ to the return of the 1949 borders

* This horrendous stand of the US requires, in my opinion, that we face it and encounter the seriousness of the current stage with whatever available means that we have.

Therefore, I would like, Mr #President, to point out briefly some facts that I am sure you are aware of, so as not to lose our way in the middle of mirages and illusions.

Influential Arab forces have distanced themselves from the struggle over Palestine, neighboring countries are living in cocoons, Iraq is suffering, some other countries are struggling to survive in a world subjected to US hegemony and the Arabs are subjected to unprecedented pressure.

You must from now on depend on the Almighty and on your persevering people and abandon all political deals adopted so far, which led us to this deteriorating situation.

What the American #President and his government announced openly is in fact a decision to annihilate the new Palestinian generation that is not born yet. It requires a brave response from the Palestinians and the rest of the Arabs, that includes:

* Breaking all contacts and negotiations with the US administration.

* The Arab League must request all governments to stop their cooperation with the Bush administration and cease all exchange of information. They must also cease rejecting initiatives by Arab and Islamic countries. This is especially important for American and European countries.

* The immediate halting by some Arab countries, and by a part of the Palestinian authority, of their disgraceful cooperation with the USA and Israel. This would lead to the loss of the cause, but it will not win immunity or priority from the super power.

* All Arab countries must withdraw from international organisations, which are controlled by American-Israeli policies, including the UN.

* All Arab countries and the Palestinian authority must stop all forms of diplomatic or cultural relations with the Zionist entity and expel its representatives from all Arab territories.

* Use all mean to recover occupied Arab territories by force and return them to their rightful owners, because what is taken by force can be recovered only by force.

The weakness of most Arab governments has led others to encroach upon Arabs and Muslims.

Abu Ammar, I wouldn't try to be polite because this occasion does not need politeness. We must review all Arab policies, including yours, which brought us to the edge of disaster.

Wrong decisions by leaderships are not unheard of, but they are usually corrected after a thorough evaluation of the situation, and then a new path is selected.

Our Palestinian brothers are facing a declaration of annihilation which is being executed. How should we respond if we do not change our policies? Do we know what we are doing?

You are requested to quit all policies adopted before and take the following resolutions immediately:

* Announce the cancellation of the road map, reject and revoke all agreements, particularly those of Oslo and Geneva, which contain the immediate policies and diplomacies that, have led the Palestinian people to the present dilemma.

* Reaffirm the right of return as a basic right, as well as rejecting all settlements and the Zionist regime in Palestine.

* Proclaim a secular state for all people of all religions and ethnicities on the basis of democratic elections.

I am not calling on our people to commit suicide, but stressing a firm fact in our belief: never give up our rights nor our sovereignty and dignity which is our land.

Brother Abu Ammar, the defeated Arab people are waiting for your decision, and this one is the most difficult one ever.

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